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Help Thy Neighbors Project

We aim to clear the community from SARS-COVID19 by assisting those hand-to-mouth earners to comply with home quarantine by providing them the necessary food supply to last them for a day or two. We do this one person at a time, one family at a time, one street at a time.

In addition, protection packs for the medical and allied healthcare workers in the form of PPEs, masks, face shields and basic supplies are also being given to ensure a strong first line of defense.

With your help, together, we can clear the streets.

How You Can Get Involved

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As A Service Volunteer

Currently, we have headquarters in many areas in the Philippines where you can help in logistics, procurement of goods, packing of food packs, assist in the making of DIY protective gears and participate in community health teaching and distribution during field operations.
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Raise Public Awareness

With enhanced community quarantine, your outdoor mobility maybe limited but you can still help from the comfort of your own homes. Currently, the idea of helping others stay at home in order to save the whole is not yet that known. If you believe in this cause, you can help by promoting this advocacy through social media and word of mouth.

Be a part of our marketing team by liking and following our page and sharing our updates in your timeline.

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Sponsor A Neighbor

We aim to flatter the curve of SARS-COVID-19 spread by providing food packs for our less fortunate fellows who cannot afford to just stay in their homes, either because they will starve if they will just stay there or worse, they do not have a place to call home. Currently, we accept donations in cash or in kind in our Headquarters.

Headquarters Where You Can Help or Drop Your Donations

Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Cebu City, Cebu
Victorias City, Negros Occidental
Roxas City, Capiz
Hagna, Bohol
Calatrava, Negros Occidental
Talisay City, Negros Occidental
Talisay City, Cebu Province
Koronadal City, South Cotabato

For Cash Donations you may deposit deposit to:

BPI Savings Account
Josephine Grace Rojo
Account: 3619027263

BDO Savings Account
Josephine Grace Rojo


Or, click the DONATE NOW button for PayPal and Credit Card Donations.

What We Do

Our GOAL is to CLEAR the community from COVID19 one STREET at a time.

Thus, we put premium in helping those who are exposing themselves at risk in public place for them to get back and stay safely in their homes. These are vendors, pedi-cab and tricycle drivers, garbage collectors, sweepers, barkers, laborers and many more. This way, we can contain, if not totally stop the virus from infecting more. Clearing the streets, especially from public utility vehicles, is one of the most simple yet impactful ways to decrease lateral spread.

In addition, we also provide home quarantine food packs to support the hardworking members of the community that are no longer allowed to work in compliance with the enhanced quarantine protocol. These include fisher folks, farmers and construction workers.

Lastly, we provide protective gears like PPE, masks and face shields for our front liners to ensure their safety as they battle COVID19 firsthand.

We are still a long way ahead, but with your help, we are on our way.

Our Story

We operate on the bases of trust and kindness while we also do our best to make it as transparent as possible for our benefactors and service volunteers.

We are are a group of civilians, who aim to develop a nationwide network of people who can prepare Home Quarantine Food Packs for our less fortunate fellow countrymen.

Specifically, those who cannot afford to comply with the “Stay at Home” mandate, simply because they will starve if they do so, or worse, they do not have a place to go home to.

Also, we aim to provide the necessary protection for our medical and allied healthcare workers, among other front liners, in order for them to stay fit while they are directly ensuring the safety of everybody.

We believe that an effective community quarantine is essential in this battle. This is our own way of helping in limiting the viral spread.

Let no-one left behind.

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About Us

Founded by Dr. Josephine Grace C. Rojo, a medical front-liner for SARS-COV task force in the Philippines together with her sister Atty. Jane Catherine Rojo. Bayanihan Mission is a group of volunteers, advocates and private citizens from various sectors who came together for a common cause, and that is to help the community survive a pandemic that is affecting the already struggling country.

Bayanihan is a Filipino term used when a person or group of persons altruistically helps a neighbor without expecting anything in return. In the old days, bayanihan traditionally refers to when a neighbor’s bamboo house needs to be transferred into another location. The strong members of the community, usually men, gather together to lift the house on their shoulders and literally transfer it from one location to another.

In this modern time with a 21st century problem, the strong, also known as the more affluent members of the society, regardless of gender, can now gather together to help those neighbors who are struggling in their day to day lives.

Bayanihan Mission aims to inculcate and relive the bayanihan spirit to all of us through Help Thy Neighbors Project. The term bayanihan may have been originated from the Philippines, but that value is universal. We believe that regardless of race, we are all neighbors in this one world. After all, we are breathing the same air and when we help those struggling below us, we are actually lifting our own homes in totality.


To provide home quarantine food packs for our indigent street earners, so they, too, can stay at their homes away from the virus, as well as from hunger.

We also aim to provide protection packs for our SARS-COV task force front-liners as they battle this invisible enemy while risking their own safety.

Helping these two important factions in the community is believed to effectively safeguard the whole collective by providing enough support for the weakest link while at the same time empowering our first-line of defense.


To have a sustainable support coming from both the public and private sectors that ensures the basic needs of the each citizen, like food, water, shelter and security, until the threat of COVID19 is no longer there.

Bayanihan, solidarity, cooperation, love and unity to be the core values that will resonate in the whole globe, starting from our own homes, for us not to become divided, but become citizens of a world that is one.

How far your donations can go?


With only $3, you can already feed a family for a day.

With $40, you can secure at least one family to safely complete a 14-day home quarantine with secured food for the whole two weeks.

With $10, you could save a life of a front liner by providing a proper PPE.

At present, the quarantine seems to be selective because only those who have food can comply. On another end, our healthcare workers have no choice but to risk their lives because no-one else can, and no-else will.

The majority of the workforce at the bottom of the pyramid are suffering while the front-liners´ safety are being threatened on a day to day basis. And once they can no longer take it, one way or another, even those at the top, will collapse too.

Prevent this collapse from happening. Stabilize and reinforce our community. Protect other in order to adequately protect yourself and your family.

Take part and take action. Lend a hand in order for us to help us all now.

Become a Volunteer Today

You can help by being a donor (money or in kind) or a service volunteer (logistics, packing and distribution). Anybody is welcome.

Let us bring back each other’s faith to humanity by being one first.