Home Quarantine & Protection Project

For those of you who are afraid that this relief giving will cause a problem in peace and order in the community, remember that our priority is to clear the streets.

Again, our GOAL is to CLEAR the STREETS.

Home Quarantine & Protection Project

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Donation Total: ₱100.00

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How You Can Get Involved

Call +63 917 310 8694 to get Involved

Service Volunteer

We will need manpower to do the packing, printing of leaflets, and distribution of goods within Bacolod City. For people outside Bacolod, you can initiate this project within your community. Please contact us for financial assistance.

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Raise Public Awareness

The concept of helping others to save the whole is not yet known to everyone. Increase awareness by sharing posts related to this project or via word of mouth. Know that you are enough and you have what it takes to help in any way you can.

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As A Donor

We accept donations both monetary and in kind. If you have rice, canned goods, eggs, cooking oil, soap, etc, we can pick them up from your place or you can deliver it to Unit 5B, 2nd Lacson St., Bacolod City.

Cash donations can be sent here:

Josephine Grace Rojo
BDO Savings Account

BPI Savings Account
3619 0272 63

Or, click the DONATE NOW button for PayPal or Credit Card Donations

Home Quarantine & Protection Project

Personal Info

Donation Total: ₱100.00

What We Do


Thus, we are prioritizing those who are exposing themselves at risk in public places like vendors, sikad drivers, tricycle drivers, garbage collectors, sweepers, barkers, and many more.

Once we have cleared the streets and we still have packs available, we will also give this to the community by referral/targeted/personal identification system to ensure peaceful allocation.

We are still a long way ahead, but with overwhelming help, we are on our way.

Our Story

We are civillians who aim to develop a nationwide network of people who can prepare Home Quarantine Packs for our less fortunate fellow countrymen who cannot afford to comply with the “Stay at Home” mandate simply because they will starve if they do so, or worse, do not have a home to go home to.

This is our way of limiting the spread of the virus as we do try to do an effective community quarantine. Let noone left behind.

We operate on the basis of trust and kindness but we do our best to make it as transparent as possible for our donors and service volunteers.

About The Organizer

Dr. Josephine Grace Rojo is a healthcare frontliner for SARS-COV task force working in a tertiary government hospital in one of the provinces in the Philippines.

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Having learned the need to quarantine weeks ago but seeing no changes in the number of daily wage earners in the streets, she realized that a call to “Stay at Home” is simply not an option for them or else they will starve. They are more afraid to die of hunger, a more imminent one, that contracting the virus. Sadly, they also become the weakest link most vulnerable to get exposed, get infected and become silent carriers spreading it.

As a community, she knows that one cannot breath without sharing that breath to another. And despite the priveleged being able to store enough foods for their own consumption whil at the comfort of their homes, it can only be up to a certain point.

If people want to have their lives back, to go out as they please, then to help others stay at home, especially the ones on the streets like vendors, pedicab drivers, sweepers, barkers & many others.

Let us all help clear the streets now.

Home Quarantine & Protection Project

Personal Info

Donation Total: ₱100.00

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How far your donations can go?

With $40 donations you can secure the food of one household for two weeks.

At present, the quarantine seems selective because only those who have food can comply. But the majority of the workforce at the bottom of the pyramid are suffering. And once they can no longer take it, one way or another, everybody will.

Home Quarantine & Protection Project

Personal Info

Donation Total: ₱100.00

Become a Volunteer Today

You can help by being a donor (money or in kind) or a service volunteer (logistics, packing and distribution). Anybody is welcome.

Let us bring back each other’s faith to humanity by being one first.