About Us

Founded by Dr. Josephine Grace C. Rojo, Bayanihan Mission Philippines is a group of volunteers, advocates and private citizens from various sectors who came together for a common cause, and that is to help the community survive a pandemic that is affecting the already struggling country.

Bayanihan is a Filipino term used when a person or group of persons altruistically helps a neighbor without expecting anything in return. In the old days, bayanihan traditionally refers to when a neighbor’s bamboo house needs to be transferred into another location. The strong members of the community, usually men, gather together to lift the house on their shoulders and literally transfer it from one location to another.

In this modern time with a 21st century problem, the strong, also known as the more affluent members of the society, regardless of gender, can now gather together to help those neighbors who are struggling in their day to day lives.

Bayanihan Mission aims to inculcate and relive the bayanihan spirit to all of us through Help Thy Neighbors Project.

The term bayanihan may have been originated from the Philippines, but that value is universal. We believe that regardless of race, we are all neighbors in this one world. After all, we are breathing the same air and when we help those struggling below us, we are actually lifting our own homes in totality.